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IBEC is an international financial institution with a unique geography and a well-known banking product line to support participants of foreign economic activity and national companies of member countries.

In support of business, we could act as an importer's and an exporter's bank at the same time. IBEC can take risks on corporate clients who are residents of the IBEC member countries.

The product line includes trade finance and lending banking products, which are structured and combined together with the parties of the transaction, as well as depending on the individual conditions of the contract or project. A range of settlement and cash management services, including pledge accounts, will minimize the risks of contract implementation, reduce time costs and expenses by servicing the transaction in one bank.
IBEC's trade finance products are aimed at promoting the development of member states' foreign trade and at developing the business of clients and partners, including in local markets.
The Bank provides financing for the implementation of sustainable development projects (including local ones) that promote economic integration or contribute to the development of foreign trade of member countries.
IBEC provides a wide range of treasury products, including investments in debt instruments, solutions for working with derivatives and hedging products for currency and interest rate risks, both in the markets of member states and in global markets.
  • Investments in corporate bonds, incl. ‘Green bonds’ in the primary market
  • Currency swap
  • Forward operations
Implementing one of the key objectives of the Bank's mission, IBEC provides a full range of services for the settlements and management of funds on companies' accounts


One of the priority activities of IBEC is the provision of services for maintaining accounts and making settlements for enterprises in various sectors of the economy. Tariffs for settlement and cash services are focused on the specifics of the work of companies, depending on the nature of the activity and the geography of operations.
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